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Your main target
NBCom provides you with a wide range of medias fitted to your activity, to approach partners, clients or investors.
  NBCom enables you to reach the main target of partners and clients through a range of publications selected according to your needs for optimal impact.
  NBCom chooses the appropriate mediums based on their editorial line, their editorial schedule or the edtion of special issues.
Eloquent figures
NBCom represents the world's economic players with 23 million readers, that it so say around forty francophone or international publications either general interest or specialized.
Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah
One of the seven emirates of the U.A.E. the Raz al Khaimah Emirate neighbouring Dubaï does not have any oil and must therefore lure foreign capitals and know-know in order to maintain its development, which is based on industry and services.
Promote RAK by increasing visibility in the media
NBCom produced advertorial reports and places editorials in key mediums by putting forward the following message:
An hour away from Dubaï, the small emirate of De Raz al Khaimah offers many advantages compared to the better known neighbouring emirates, i.e: lesser production costs and an unequalled quality of life.
A member of the European Union, Romania suffers from a bad image and ongoing clichés.
Contribute to changing preconceived ideas and fill in the gap between image and reality so as to make this destination attractive to investors and visitors.
The NBCom report highlights the following message: Romania represents the EU's strongest economic growth, with highly qualified human ressources (Romanian is Sillicon valley's third spoken language). According to many testimonies, the country is a destination of choice for numerous business expatriates.
Romania is eager to welcome investments and external partnerships.
The Republic of Cape Verde
Petit archipel atlantique situé au large du continent africain, le Cap Vert a besoin de l’extérieur pour développer ses atouts et bâtir sa prospérité. Il doit équilibrer un budget déficitaire en encourageant des partenariats internationaux.
Promote the Cape Verde, a sunny destination between Europe and Africa, not only for its cultural heritage but also establish an intermediate assessment of the great progress made and present the planned and ongoing developments and opportunities.
The NBCom report presents this perfectly inserted regional player – an African model of development, member of the French-speaking world, which in spite of its modest size maintains an active and ambitious diplomacy and aspires to be an political an economic bridge between Europe, Africa and the Americas.